Pride Serie

trans gay sea horses platter

Pride Serie

trans gay sea horses platter

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from the pride serie, this story starts from the gay and trans flags. Did you know that seahorse dads carry and give birth to their young? female seahorses deposit eggs into the male’s belly, and the male fetilize and incubate them until birth. apart from humans, males carrying babies is a unique trait to the syngnathiadae family in the animal kingdom. (seahorses, sea dragons, and pipefish) we have more in common with seahorses than we think! 🏳️‍⚧️🫃🏻💕👨🏻‍🍼🌈 

description: nerikomi pedestal platter with a kaleidoscopic composition of silhouettes of seahorses, fishes, butterflies flowers and hearts over triangle shapes in trans flag colors. front side decorated with sapphires, rubies and citrine embeds. underside show sharks and mantis rays silhouettes, like they emerge from the waves of the pedestal thrown by @e_tt_yyy and carved + embedded by me. (with blue topazes)


Release schedule:

June 20, 8 PM: genderqueer bunnies cookie jar
June 21, 8 AM: genderqueer bunnies pedestal hors d'oeuvres dish
June 22, 8 PM: non-binary cancer jar

June 23: off
June 24: off

June 25, 8 AM: gay dolphins
June 26, 8 PM: trans dad pedestal dish

June 27: off
June 28: off

June 30, 8 PM: lesbian quilters bowls : RAFFLE TIME

porcelain, ceramic pigments, incrusted natural pink rubies and citrines, gold, glitters, mica

Approximate dimensions 

  • Height: 18 cm
  • Width: 30 cm

decorative piece, box for treasures

No microwave and handwash. Handmade ceramics are fragile by nature, they should be treated with the same care as your fanciest wine glasses. 

The dimensions given are approximate and can vary slightly. Each object is hand builded without the use of a potter wheel, and are never perfectly symmetrical. My pieces are all one of a kind functional artworks, and I favor artistic complexity over technical perfection. I produce the imagery on my pieces with multiple successive layers of colored porcelain, stoneware and minerals, so it is normal to perceive textures, small holes or separations between colors, or micro cracks in the frosting. Minimal flaws are to be expected. If there are more significant flaws that affect the function, the piece will be classified as ‘’seconds’’ and will be 50% off. If the flaw affects the beauty of the piece it will be marked as second and be 20% or 30% off. Please look at the images carefully as the imperfections are not hidden.