Studio renting: 1 month


Studio renting: 1 month

Regular price

the base cost to access to studio space for autonomous work is20$/hour, 50$/day (6 hours limit) I offer advantageous prices for month commitments, with least cost per day the more time you reserve. 

1 month of studio access: 
4 days: 170$  (42,50$ /day)
6 days: 240$ (40,50$ /day)
8 days: 280$ (35,00$ /day)

(I have some flexibility for monthly rentals bookings: for example if you're sick and can't take all the days, you could to take them the following month. But this should be kept to a minimum so that the management of my own studio time, classes and subletting remains predictable and efficient)


My schedules and studio occupation change every week, so you can contact me to discuss schedule stuff. To book by the hour, you can directly via setmore here.

*The studio would be accessible 24/7 the last 2 weeks of august since i'm going to an artist residency in Maine)


  •  access to the work space and 1 big shelf
  • tools
  •  ceramic technique books
  • firings
  • protection gear (masks and gloves)
  • glazes: clear and colored (to glaze the work you made in my studio only)

not included:

  • clay and ceramics materials other than the already made glazes I have. 
  • my time. I will not be there to answer questions after setting you up. (about 15 minutes) If you need assistance and/or private coaching I can offer those services for extra costs. (to discuss)