Raffle ticket for Queering Mud at Watershed : big lesbians bowls: sunflower quilt


Raffle ticket for Queering Mud at Watershed : big lesbians bowls: sunflower quilt

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 from the pride serie, this story starts from the lesbian pride flag (red, orange, pink and white) and illustrates sparrows holding an infinite thread in their beak and scissors, with a weave like pattern in the back ground. In modern new-age circles, sparrows are believed to symbolise joy, community, teamwork, protection, and  hard work. Think of the birds in disney movies, they are often working with dedication in the cause of the main protagonist, or delivering important messages. they are loyal but independant, free creatures. That's how i see lesbians, that's why I chose the sparrow to support the lesbians narrative in this serie. the birds in cinderella particularly inspired me to create the story of old ladies textile makers lesbians (with their little bonnet and ribbon in their beaks) I imagined a group of widowed old ladies lesbians friends that get together every week-end to talk about their dreams and share wisdoms, gossip, and play treads and scissors.

description: nerikomi pedestal platter bowl with illustration of a sunflower/eye with quilt-like pattern, with 2 birds facing each others holding an infinity tread in their beaks that swirls through gold scissors. The lip of the bowl and foot is carved in points and diamonds and hearts to sublety evoke playing cards. I imagine closeted lesbians from an older generation that get together to ''quilt'' and ''play cards'' on the week-ends without their kids and husbands.

pedestal thrown by @e_tt_yyy and carved by me. 

This item is as a raffle ticket to finance my artist residency at Watershed : Queering Mud. The value of the piece is 1500$ can, and raffle tickets are sold at the price of 20$ The raffle draw is august first, unless it does'nt reach the minimum of 40 tickets sold (800$) In that case, the raffle will be delayed two weeks later, august 15. Winners will be chosen at random with a classic paper draw on IG live. I'll print the orders packing slips, and cut items to put in each draw. (so you can have more than one raffle ticket in one order) If you chose the bundle to have one ticket for each raffle, I'll put your order number in each basket. 

*I reserve myself the right to refund raffle tickets and cancel the draw if the sales doesn't reach a respectable amount. 

porcelain, ceramic pigments, incrusted natural pink rubies and citrines, gold, glitters, mica

Approximate dimensions 

  • Height: 15 cm
  • Width: 40 cm

decorative piece, fruit bowl

No microwave and handwash. Handmade ceramics are fragile by nature, they should be treated with the same care as your fanciest wine glasses. 

The dimensions given are approximate and can vary slightly. Each object is hand builded without the use of a potter wheel, and are never perfectly symmetrical. My pieces are all one of a kind functional artworks, and I favor artistic complexity over technical perfection. I produce the imagery on my pieces with multiple successive layers of colored porcelain, stoneware and minerals, so it is normal to perceive textures, small holes or separations between colors, or micro cracks in the frosting. Minimal flaws are to be expected. If there are more significant flaws that affect the function, the piece will be classified as ‘’seconds’’ and will be 50% off. If the flaw affects the beauty of the piece it will be marked as second and be 20% or 30% off. Please look at the images carefully as the imperfections are not hidden.