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Pre-Order Vase

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The designs are inspired by a far memory of a trip to the land of my ancestors when I was a teenager. The surface is created by layering multiples thin slices of different colored clay to evoke an oniric landscape thats floating like a fading memory. This is a reedition of a past collection, and all pieces are unique and made to order. The photos on the listing are approximative and your piece will be slightly different and unique. The interior of the mug will be glazed with a magic glaze that change from lilac to sky blue depending of the light. 

Only 10 available for pre-order, 

production time: 6 to 8 weeks.

Made by Marina Lespérance Lopez in Montréal, Canada.


Mid-range porcelain, ceramic pigments, shiny semi-transparent milky glaze and real gold.

Approximate dimensions 

  • Height: 8-9 in
  • Width: 4 in
  • Dept: 4 in

Flower vase

Hand wash gently without abrasive to keep the gold shiny longer. My pieces do not go in the microwave. Handmade ceramics are fragile by nature, they should be treated with the same care as your fanciest wine glasses. 

The dimensions given are approximate and can vary slightly. Each object is hand builded without the use of a potter wheel, and are never perfectly symmetrical. My pieces are all one of a kind functional artworks, and I favor artistic complexity over technical perfection. I produce the imagery on my pieces with multiple successive layers of colored porcelain, stoneware and minerals, so it is normal to perceive textures, small holes or separations between colors, or micro cracks in the frosting. Minimal flaws are to be expected. If there are more significant flaws that affect the function, the piece will be classified as ‘’seconds’’ and will be 50% off. If the flaw affects the beauty of the piece it will be marked as second and be 20% or 30% off. Please look at the images carefully as the imperfections are not hidden.