Complete nerikomi class: evening class, bilingual


Complete nerikomi class: evening class, bilingual

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Complete nerikomi class, 8 periods: mixed level class

*all included: stains, clay, tools, protection gear, glaze  and firings.

You can benefit from an special launch price, next session will be 490$ 


You will learn: 


You will learn the full array (up to my knowledge) about coloured clay and nerikomi techniques, from coloring clay, all the basic patterns, cane making, collage, and make your own ceramic project. 5 first periods are about techniques, you will be able to create your patterns library for realizing your projects. In the 3 last periods you will on your projects using the patterns you made prior, and I will give personalised guidance and techniques to each. 

example of individual projects: 

beginner student: small dishes, tea cups, thumblers, small bowls...

intermediate student: mugs, vases, pots with feet...

advanced student: tea set with a teapot and 4 tea bowls, sculpture, large dishes...

(the levels are regarding hand building clay techniques, I expect that all are beginners in coloured clay designing)



the first hour is theory and demonstrations, and then you will have 2 hours for working on your projects. 

Jan 27: How to colour clay and stains safety practices

Feb 3: Marbling and pinch pots design techniques

Feb 10: Basic nerikomi patterns by layering

Feb 17: Canes

Feb 24: Collage

Mar 3: Individual projects designing

Mar 10: Individual projects building

Mar 17: Individual projects glazing


3 hours class, from 6h00 to 9h00, thursday evenings + half hour wrap up and cleaning. 


Sanitary policies:

Group of 5 or 6 persons. For adequate physical distancing there will be 2 persons who have an individual small table, 2 persons that share a big 8 feet table, and 1 or two in the same bubble that share a 6 feet table. So I have only 5 spots available, but if you want to bring someone from your bubble, let me know! Vaccination pass and masks mandatory. 

*Classes will be in person in my studio. All tools and materials are included. 

Disclaimer: Minimum 4 inscriptions to give the class, If we don't have the minimum I will cancel the class and refund you. No refunds if you cannot attend one of the 8 periods, but i'll offer you 50% off to come in the free time studio renting if you want to catch up with your projects.