nerikomi express class; canes : September


nerikomi express class; canes : September

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nerikomi class, 2 days: mixed level class. This is a shorten class to make the cost more affordable. I took out of my usual program the period about coloring clay and cane making.

*all included: stains, clay, tools, protection gear, glaze  and firings.


You will learn: 

nerikomi techniques: all the basic patterns, collage, and make your own ceramic projects with colored clay. 


example of individual projects: 

beginner student: small dishes, tea cups, thumblers, small bowls...

intermediate student: mugs, vases, pots with feet...

advanced student: tea set with a teapot and 4 tea bowls, sculpture, large dishes...

(the levels are regarding hand building clay techniques, I expect that all are beginners in coloured clay designing)


***2 full days classes, 2 sundays, 11 am to 5 pm***

  • 11 am to 1 pm: demonstrations (about 2 hours)
  • 1 to 5 pm : personal work. *I take an hour break for lunch from 1 to 2, but you can take your breaks when you want
  • 5 pm  : wrapping and cleaning (15-30 minutes)

september 22 : creating your canes

  • demo of basic nerikomi patterns; wiggles, checks, spirals
  • demo of creating an image in a cane of coloured clay
  • personal work: cane making

    september 29 :  building your pieces

    • demos of slab building and pinch pots
    • personal work: slab work and building


    Disclaimer: Minimum 5 inscriptions to give the class, If we don't have the minimum I will cancel the class and refund you. No refunds if you cannot attend one of the 8 periods, but i'll offer you a discount for free time studio renting if you want to catch up with your projects.