Pride Serie

Gender Queer bunnies Hors d'oeuvres dish

Pride Serie

Gender Queer bunnies Hors d'oeuvres dish

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It’s time to let them live their life! I created these in spring 2022 and I showed them first in pride month, in june. I kept those pieces for apply to grants and contests, or shows, but time fly and they've been sitting in my studio for the most of those 2 years and I feel they are ready to be adopted, so i’m ready to release this body of work. it’s the best pottery i made ever. it’s a pride collection. each piece start from a pride flag, here is gender queer. it’s a bunny in gender queer flag colours… you already know that it’s me. in this collection i was inspired by some woowoo ideas that came from binging ''Cosmos'' with Neil de Grass Tyson 🪐🛸👽… i play with 2d images and 3D to evoke the concept of space/time dimensions we cannot perceive. the dears exist in the same/space time than the bunnies, but in a different dimension, like guardian angels, protecting their play time and joy.

this is a scultpural piece but it's still perfectly functional,  this piece is made with the help of my collaborator Etty Anderson (that made and help conceptualise the foot part of this piece). so because its pride, and it’s time: i’ll release 1 piece from this serie everyday for the rest of the month. *note that they are not affordable at all, it’s sculptures at this point. some of them have gems like this one have rubies and citrines embeded in the nerikomi slab, slip piping, molding and painting (the dears) … not to brag but… im very proud of this work! 🤓🤓🤓 Happy pride y’all! 🏳️‍🌈🤎🏳️‍⚧️

porcelain, ceramic pigments, incrusted natural pink rubies and citrines, gold

Approximate dimensions 

  • Height: 18 cm
  • Width: 20 cm

decorative piece, hors d'oeuvres platter

No microwave and handwash. Handmade ceramics are fragile by nature, they should be treated with the same care as your fanciest wine glasses. 

The dimensions given are approximate and can vary slightly. Each object is hand builded without the use of a potter wheel, and are never perfectly symmetrical. My pieces are all one of a kind functional artworks, and I favor artistic complexity over technical perfection. I produce the imagery on my pieces with multiple successive layers of colored porcelain, stoneware and minerals, so it is normal to perceive textures, small holes or separations between colors, or micro cracks in the frosting. Minimal flaws are to be expected. If there are more significant flaws that affect the function, the piece will be classified as ‘’seconds’’ and will be 50% off. If the flaw affects the beauty of the piece it will be marked as second and be 20% or 30% off. Please look at the images carefully as the imperfections are not hidden.