DIY kit

Block of White Clay (1 kg)

DIY kit

Block of White Clay (1 kg)

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One kilo extra block of white clay with your order of a DIY kit. 

PSH 910 cone 6 porcelain.

If you took more than one class, you will have enough colors but could run out of white. I suggest adding one block of plain white per additional class. 

Suggested amounts of clay to do my classes:

1 class: One kit

2 classes: One kit + one block of white

3 classes: One kit + two blocks of white

4 classes: Two kits + one block of white


Note that this is approximate, the amount of clay you will use depend of the designs you choose and your making speed. For dainty small designs, the colors can go a long way, if you make color block designs, or the base of the piece in full color, they will go faster. 

*note that I am not a clay supplier, If you want large quantities of clay you can order on SIAL or PSH sites. I will not sell over 4 blocks of white at a time.