Express cane class: saturdays february 17 + 24


Express cane class: saturdays february 17 + 24

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Cane nerikomi class, 2 days.

*all included: stains, clay, tools, protection gear, glaze  and firings.


You will learn: The first day we will learn cane making. Canes are a technique of colored clay where we create a pattern in a log form, then we slice the log to repeat the image. We can play with different orientations of the slices in the composition to create intricate patterns. Depending the complexity of your design, you could make 1 to 3 canes in the day. The second day we will make projects with our canes slices.

  • geometric patterns
  • figurative patterns
  • abstract patterns


Schedule: 2 full day classes saturday 17 and 24, from 12 to 6 pm, plus 30 minutes of wraps up and cleaning.  

* finishing and glazing are not part of the class, Either I finish them, or you also have the option the schedule autonomous work in the studio to finish them

    *Classes will be in person in my studio

    *photos are from students projects

    Disclaimer: Minimum 5 inscriptions to give the class, If we don't have the minimum I will cancel the class and refund you. No refunds if you cannot attend one of the 8 periods, but i'll offer you a discount for free time studio renting if you want to catch up with your projects.