TAPING: session 5, Stains: How to use ceramic stains in clay body


TAPING: session 5, Stains: How to use ceramic stains in clay body

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session 5, Stains: How to use ceramic stains in clay body (advanced level)

You will learn: 

- How to blend effectively and safely stains into clay

- How to make useful test tiles with 4 shades of one color 

- How to make a tri-axial blend to create custom shades with 3 different stains

- Tips and tricks that I learned by trial and error like which stains work well and which does'nt, which one are strong and which are weak etc. 

The tutorial is around two hours, and a short period of questions at the end. The class gives you access to the facebook support group where you can ask me a question anytime and I will answer within 24 hours. Classes will be on zoom and recorded so you can rewatch if you need. When you purchase this class you will get a preparation guide by e-mail with tools you will need (all my classes are very low tech, don't worry) and also examples for inspiration. 

Obligatory tools: Particule mask (like N95), disposable containers, and precision scale, one bag of cone 6 porcelain


English or french class: If you purchase this class you will receive a taping, hence the 50% off fees. New live schedules next fall. 

Disclaimer: Minimum 4 inscriptions to give the class, If we don't have the minimum I will cancel the class and refund you. No refund if you cannot attend, but you can transfer your inscription in a future class. Maximum 15 persons per group. If complete, I will schedule an other group in a future date.