part-time studio access: 1 month


part-time studio access: 1 month

Regular price


studio access for independant work, monday or friday, unlimited hours

50$ per day, 4 days a month: 200$

If you commit for more days, I will give you a complimentary discount. If you would like one of those options, you can put a note in your order and I will send you an invoice for the additional fees. 

42.50$/day, 6 days a month: 255$ (10% off)

40.00$/day, 8 days a month:  320$ (20% off)

35.00$/day, 3 months, 8 days per month : 850$ (30% discount)



- twos shelves of storage

- tools

- firings (one firing cycle per month)

- clear and coloured glazes 

- white slip


Additional services:

* other firings: 20$ bisque, 40$ cone 6

*200 grams of coloured clay: 10$ for pastels and neutrals, 20$ for bold colours and black

* one bag of cone 6 porcelain: 30$



The packages are for one month only or 4 consecutive weeks. Unused days are not banked for future use. exceptions can be made for travels or other life situations with an agreement made in advance. 

The days are not divisible into 2 half days. Any time over 1 hour counts as a day. (I don't count a day if you only come to do the drying management, 1 hour maximum)

Users must follow the studio maintenance system. I reserve myself the right to cancel your studio access if your presence is a disturbance or annoyance to me or other users if the issue continue after first notice. If that happens there will be a pro-rata refund on unused time. 

I reserve myself the right to cancel your renewals with a 4 weeks notice if I need to reclaim the safe for any reason. 

Users must be autonomous in their work. 


Maximum: 3 users per month, 2 users a day.

Your can reserve future months in advance to secure your spot, but not more than 2 months in advance. I will give priority for renewals versus new users.