Ceramic glaze class: beginner level


Ceramic glaze class: beginner level

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Well rounded glaze class in 6 periods: beginner level

*all included: basic dry materials, stains, test tiles in 3 colors, tools, protection gear, and firings, and a recipe book.

The class teached by Maude Lessard in my studio at Le Chat des Artistes in Montreal. 



You will learn the basics to make ceramic glazes from books and alter them with different strategies to personnalize the recipes so they are unique to you. In the first period you'll learn the glaze making research and safe mixing process,  base glazes (clear and white) in different finishes; shiny, satin, matte and opalescent. Then we will try different glazes textures; crater, reticulated, crystalized, and floating. In the third perdio you will learn how to color recipes we tried in periods 1 and 2. Finally, you will learn how to create your own recipe with basic and complex axe blends. In the last period you will choose a recipe from your researches to make a small batch to take back home. (1kg)

Schedule:  4 hours class, from 13h00 to 5h30, saturdays + half hour wrap up and cleaning. 

the first 2 hours is theory, demonstrations and observation, then a little break, and the last 2 hours we make glaze tests. *we will provide 3 different colors of bisqued clay for testing. If you work with a particular clay, we strongly suggest to bring your own test tiles. 


period #1, june 4: basic glazes

Theory: demystifying ceramics glazes, safety practices, recipes.

Lab: mixing exercices with bases glazes (clears and whites in different finishes)


period #2, june 11 : multidimensional glazes

Theory: analysis of last class results, what materials makes a glaze multidimensional, recipes

Lab: mixing exercices with multidimensional glazes (opalescents, cristallines, frosted, weathered, speckled)


period #3, june 18: decorative glazes 

Theory: analysis of last class results, materials theory and recipes

Lab: mixing exercices with textured and decorative glazes (lava, crackled, gloopy, reticulated, metallic)


period #4, june 25: coloring with stains or oxides

 analysis of last class results, pigments theory and demonstration of coloring with a linear blend.

Lab: mixing exercices with textured and decorative glazes (lava, crackled, gloopy, reticulated, metallic)


period #5, july 2 :  creating a new recipe with a triaxial or quadriaxial blend

 analysis of last class results, demonstration of triaxial blends

Lab: blends research 


july 9 : making your own recipe

analysis of last class results, how to translate your blends results into a new recipe. 

Lab: making your own glaze



Disclaimers: Minimum 5 inscriptions to give the class, If we don't have the minimum I will cancel the class and refund you. No refunds if you cannot attend one of the 8 periods, but i'll offer you 50% off to come in the free time studio renting if you want to catch up with your projects.