Raffle ticket for Queering Mud at Watershed : Main character


Raffle ticket for Queering Mud at Watershed : Main character

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Bundle of things made by Etty Anderson and Marina Lespérance Lopez from their collaborative workshop at Rozynsky Art Centre in 2023. In the workshop the artists showed many different ways to use the techniques of throwing and handbuilding together in a nerikomi collection, and all the ways to make the most of your work from the AAA grade cane slices to the last bits of scraps. 

This item is as a raffle ticket to finance our artist residency at Watershed : Queering Mud. The value of this pieceis 800$ , and raffle tickets are sold at the price of 15$ The raffle draw is august first, unless it doesn't reach the minimum of 34 tickets sold (500$) In that case, the raffle will be delayed two weeks later, august 15. Winners will be chosen at random with a classic paper draw on IG live. I'll print the orders packing slips, and cut items to put in each draw. (so you can have more than one raffle ticket in one order) If you chose the bundle to have one ticket for each raffle, I'll put your order number in each basket. 

Included in this bundle: one goblet, cereal bowl and mug with matching checkered and swirl pattern

*I reserve myself the right to refund raffle tickets and cancel the draw if the sales doesn't reach a respectable amount. 

This fundraiser is a strategy to help in funding an artist residency I was invited to participate with friend and collaborator Etty Anderson. All tickets sales except the 2 lesbians big bowl will be shared between the two of us evenly. goal: 4000K