Where can I find your work? 

I sell my pottery via my online shop mostly and I sometimes do craft shows. My online sales are announced by newsletter. My show schedule will be listen on my event page when the public health allow it again. 

Can I make a reservation on a piece I saw in your social medias? 

No. I often post photos of pieces that are not ready or already sold. I do not take reservations because it would be difficult to manage my time and my inventory. I am a one woman show and I can easily get overwhelmed, so I have to simplify. If you want a particular piece I would suggest to act fast since they are all one of a kind, the best way is to be there first time at the drops or participate in the pre-sales.

Do you make pre-sales?

Yes! I have a VIP group of customers that I manage via the platform Patreon. There are many different perks like priority access on drops. Patreons subscribers have a window to access the shop before the drop with a password. If my drop is in the evening, Patrons will have access all day before, and if it is in early in the day, they will have access the day before. 

Can I choose my piece in person?

In normal times, I do shows where you could see my work in person, but considering covid, I only do online sales at the moment. I try to often make videos of my pieces 360 before drops on my instagram stories so you can see the scale and all the angles. I would suggest you to follow me there if that could help you. Also, If I have leftover inventory between drops, I could arrange a private shopping session with you at my studio. You can contact me to schedule. 

Can I make a custom order? 

I don't usually do individual custom order, but you can contact me to discuss your project if it is doable with my already made plans I could say yes. You can contact me to discuss your project. 

Can we collaborate?

I enjoy to do collaborative work with other artists or brands when it is possible and it fits. I would be happy to hear what you have in mind. You can contact me to discuss your project. 

Do you offer wholesale or consignment?

Exceptionally, but mostly I prefer to sell on my own channels. You can contact me to discuss your needs.

How do I care for my new items?

Hand washing only since since dishwasher will affect the gold luster over time, avoid abrasives to clean like scrubbers or very harsh soaps as this will dull the gold luster. None of my pieces can go in the microwave. Avoid thermal shock with all the items, do not put your piece in the freezer or oven. Do not put boiling water in a extremely cold ceramic object. If by example, it was in your car in the winter and you just came in, just let the mug became room temperature before using it with hot stuff. Ceramics are like rocks, or pavement, it shrinks with extreme colds and expends with warmth, this phenomen is not visible to the naked eye, but is very real. If it changes too fast between those stages, is what we call thermal shock and it can crack. A lot instructions that could be summarized by just ''care like you would with any precious thing''. ツ

Can I fix  a broken piece?

If there is a hairline crack that appear most likely it's because of thermal shock or an object to object shock, I suggest to do nothing and leave as is, it is still perfectly fine to use. If the object broke in many a couple pieces It is possible to glue them together with a glue like epoxy, I suggest the 2 parts epoxy quick set (2 or 5 minutes), you can apply a thin layer on the joint on both parts, and hold it together steadily for the time required. I suggest to hold the pieces together with tape if possible while it set because It can be difficult to stay still sometimes.  

My gold luster became dull or chipped, can you fix it?

Yes. Gold luster will be affected over time, even with good care. If you look at vintage china with gold luster it will always be kind of dull, same effect will happen with my pieces, this is unavoidable. But fortunately, it is possible to revive it by painting a new layer of gold over top and re-fire the piece. I would be happy to do it for you for a fee of 10$ per item. (shipping back and forth are at the owner expense)

I love a piece you made a while ago, will you have more of those eventually?

I never re-do pieces, I only make one of a kind pieces. But I sometimes revisit past styles with a little something new. By example, my collection with landscapes in incrusted color clay patterns became my signature kind of, so I it is very likely that I will make a new collection in this style in the future.