Endless possibilities with coloured clay

Nerikomi like sgraffito and mishima or any other ceramic decor technique offers endless possibilities of results. From subtle monochormatic variations like Dorothy Feibleman to extremely saturated contrasts like Ceramicism, organic floral patterns like Chris Campbell to perfectly geometric patterns like Cody Hoyt, from pure abstraction like Ciara Isabel, to semi abstraction like Maria Ten Kortenaar, to figurative by Tomoro … There is no limit to creativity.

Ciara Neufeldt from Ciara Isabel Ceramics is an artist from Glasgow, Scotland, who mainly makes functional pieces with abstract patterns in ultra-vibrant colors.

Ciara Works by handbuilding; she makes blocks of colored clay in layers and cuts slices to create shapes that will become functionnal objets. On her instagram page, you can see demos of how she makes her blocks and slabs. I really like the extravagant aspect of her work with color. Her pieces would bring joy and energy to any morning routine. Images from the artist's website, all rights reserved Ciara Neufeldt

Paige Jarman, is a ceramic artist from Lower Hutt, New Zealand. She creates blocks in a similar fashion to Ciara Neufelt but she then shapes her pieces on the potter's wheel, giving singular aesthetic to the form. Her patterns and choice of colors are freely inspired by landscapes seen from a bird's eye view. I find that her pieces have soothing, meditative and poetic qualities.

Discover her work on her website and her instagram page. Images taken from the artist's website. All rights reserved Paige Jarman.



Tantri Mustika, a ceramic artist from Melborune, Australia. She works mainly on slabs with the collage technique, a bit like I do. (I explain it in my post (Le Nerikomi c'est quoi) She mainly explores terrazzo type patterns with a palette of earthy colors. She creates different textures of rock, granite, and marble, made with the addition of grog and minerals such as ilmenite and manganese. (Disclaimer: I think that’s what she uses because I recognize some for using some myself but I’m not 100% sure what materials she uses.) By working with the leather hard slabs and the soft slabs, she can create prismatic sculptural pieces that are also functional, which fit perfectly into the daily life.

Discover her work on her website and on her Instagram page. Images taken from the artist's website. All rights reserved Tantri Mustika.


Linda Hsiao is a multidisciplinary artist who mainly works in wood and ceramics. Her functional ceramic brand Knot work LA exploits the beauty and the great variety of colors and textures naturally present in the array of stoneware and porcelain available, with accents of colored clay and pretty engraved patterns.


You can see there how the materiality of natural stonewares takes center stage, and the contrasts between them manage to magnify each one of them individually to appreciate all their unique qualities. Discover her work on her website and on her Instagram page here. Images taken from the artist's website. All rights reserved Knot Work LA.


So there was a small introduction to the world of possibilities that working with colored clay and different natural stonewares provides. I will show continue to show 3 or 4 artists per month that have in common a particular theme or esthetic. Today, I simply wanted to share a couple artist that I enjoy. :)

I hope it inspires you!

Marina xx