Coronavirus Update

Little jewelry dishes with Marmod8 earrings.

As with most of you, the coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on my life and my business. The One of a Kind Toronto event which was scheduled for the end of the month has been canceled / postponed, this event was expected to generate about the quarter of my income for the whole year. For the moment, my workshops are not canceled because it’s under 10 people gatherings, but measures of social distancing can strengthen quickly, so everything is uncertain. I will continue my online activities, and as it was already planned before all these disruptions, I will replenish my online store in early April. I have several pieces already ready and others require a final firing for the gold luster. The nature of my technique means that each piece is unique, so taking the photos for each will take forever… I plan to get started next week. If you too have huge amount of photos to take, I think of Dustin, Ciara, Larissa etc ... do you have any tips for going faster and be efficient? 😨Also, I usually offer the free pickup option for people in my area, but to encourage you to follow the recommendations of social distancing, I will offer free delivery for all the time it’s necessary.

This crisis puts small businesses, the self-employed, artists and freelancers in an extremely precarious position. Usually, I do my sales about 3/4 in person and 1/4 online, so this is quite a readjustment for me. Our contracts are canceled, contacts with our customers are restricted, and most of us do not have a parachute. Here in Quebec, there is no employment insurance for the self-employed, and I imagine that it is like that in several other places as well. We are going to need your support to get through this crisis. I am not the type to usually solicit spending, but if you are in a favorable situation in this crisis, with a pay insurance for work leave, help small businesses by buying online in the coming weeks and months. If you are also in a precarious situation, you can help by sharing our contents in your networks. In times like these, online visibility is the key to reach the lost clientele from fairs and events. All gestures count. Like and above all Comment on our posts to help us please the algorithm and be more broadly visible. If you like our photos, share them in your stories so your contacts can discover our work. If you bought a piece, show it to your community by doing an unboxing in your stories, and leave a positive review on our online stores and Facebook pages. These are all gestures that can really help us alleviate the marketting efforts that we have to deploy to compensate for our cancellations of events and contracts. For my part, I'm going to work hard to make you beautiful photos of my creations, continue my blog contents, and create to have beautiful things to show you when we are on the other side of the crisis.

I hope that despite all the impacts on our daily lives, that you will be able to find good in all of this… I wish you to rest deeply or to undertake personal projects that you have been dragging for lack of time for months and years… Also that you are going to take the time to cook good homey comfort food… let's leave aside the prepared stuff while we have time! Enjoy the small pleasures of everyday life like drinking your coffee in your favorite cup, * wink wink, play board games, do housework, (yes yes, it is proven that housework can be a very effective way to relieve stress .), and I, with that, I am going to go start seedlings for my little backyard. 🌱🍅🥒😋.

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P.S. Don't panic, but be drastic. Wash your hands, and keep your distances. We will get through this! Kisses, in emojis only. 😚